Friday, June 05, 2015

White tee

still looking


I stopped designing textiles at the same moment that I got a job that allowed me to buy starfruit in Covent Garden's Waitrose without a second thought. I gladly threw off the fear of not earning enough/not being good enough in return for a job with cachet plus cash and carelessly threw away the part of me that could take a white sheet of watercolour and change it.  Circumstances conspired, time passed and I have yet to make that delicious first mark. Truly, not a tick.  It became a thing.  Is a thing, I mean, what will it be that is so momentous that I decide to draw again after twenty years?

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Neo classic cover version

This weekend gone, I discovered, or perhaps uncovered that a Robert Adam chimney piece in the Georgian house where I work was uncannily similar to a frieze from a temple in Pompei.  So similar that I just had to dig a bit further.  Turns out Pompei was re- activated as a serious archaeological dig in 1748 - Robert Adam was on his Grand Tour in the early 1750s and the house built in 1756 so he would definitely have had to have been seen there with the highfaloutin, (and perhaps some feckless rich hoi polloi) stars of the art and design world showing off where they had been.  
Design trainspotters.  
Still beautiful.

Monday, March 30, 2015

George McGregor

Well now. I had not realised this was a playlist.  After a cracking start (turn it up, sit back) I can't really vouch for the rest...although Shangri-La is definitely making it onto my iTunes.